Improve Your SEO Rankings!

Google and the other top search engines use review sites and various profiles to help determine your ranking. Having positive reviews on your Google, Yelp and other online directories can quickly move you above your competition.

Review Genie makes it easier for you to capture positive client reviews, and from keeping negative reviews from being seen.

The result? Your business ranks higher, making it easier for potential customers to find you. Those potential clients see their peers sharing positive stories about your company, making them that more likely to utilize your service or purchase your products.

Increasing your positive online reviews with Review Genie builds trust with search engines and helps take your prospects from search to sold.

Is my online reputation really that important?

Yes, it is very important.  Consumer habits have dramatically changed and your potential customers are now checking you out online before deciding to visit your store, buy your product or use your service.  The reviews they find about you can greatly influence their decision.

Can I select which review sites to show on my Review Genie site?

Yes, there is flexibility on which review sites we incorporate into your Review Genie site.

Is Review Genie mobile friendly?

Yes, our platform is very mobile friendly.  Your customers can leave a review directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Will this improve my online rankings?

Many of the review sites place a strong emphasis on reviews when their algorithm ranks business listings.  Having an easy platform for your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews is a win-win.

What does Review Genie do for my business?

Review Genie makes it easier for you to capture positive online reviews from your happy customers.  Having positive reviews on the key review sites can increase your sales. At the same time, we help you avoid any negative reviews getting posted online.

What makes Review Genie different from other review tools?

Review Genie is a comprehensive Reputation Management platform. It is the only program that provides
•    Your consumers an easy way of leaving reviews for you on the leading online review sites (without leaving your Review Genie site)
•    A way to drive consumer behavior for positive and negative reviews
•    Customized, professionally designed collateral
•    An option for setting up your online review pages
•    A Branded, SEO optimized site

In addition, unlike some review sites, our software and experienced team take care of all the tasks.

Do you place ads on my Review Genie site?

No, we don’t place any ads or unrelated content on your Review Genie site.

What if I don’t have my review sites setup, can you help?

Yes, the Complete Setup option includes us properly setting up and verifying your business listings on the review sites.  Not only does this help you with gaining reviews, but when potential customers find your listing as they are searching for your product or service, they will be more apt to contact you.

What if someone leaves a negative review?

Almost every business get a not-so-great review once or twice.  The Review Genie page allows them to share their experience using the Feedback form.  In fact, they are driven to this form when they choose “I Have A Complaint” option on the first page.  The negative review left using the Feedback form is not placed on any of the major online review sites.  The review is forwarded to you so that you can act upon the information and fix any process or customer service issues.

What if I have multiple locations?

Review Genie supports an unlimited number of locations so you can improve the local search ranking and reviews of each location.

What type of business can benefits from using Review Genie?

Any local merchant can benefit from a better online reputation. Review Genie works for brick and mortar locations as well as home based business that provide services (plumbers, painters, etc.).

What happens to the reviews left using the Easy-Review form?

We’re notified immediately and will review each review submitted. The positive reviews are posted on your Review Genie site, and are built using code that allows other review sites to recognize them as consumer reviews.  Any negative reviews are forwarded to you so that you can act upon the information and resolve any process or customer service issues.

Can I add a link to my website?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it. We offer many different sized banners that can easily be added to most websites.  We can even add it to your site for you if needed.

How can I drive my customers to my Review Genie site?

We provide you with custom Point-Of-Sales designs that you can use to drive your consumers to your Review Genie site.  We’ll print 250 as part of your setup and send them directly to you. In addition, you’re provided a unique QR code that is linked directly to your Review Genie site.  Some of our clients actually use a tablet at their location, with the Review Genie site loaded on it.  When a patient or customer is checking-out, they can easily enter a review.

How can I order more of my custom cards?

Simply give us a call and we’ll get more out to you right away.  You have the option of purchasing additional cards in 250, 500 or 1,000 quantities.

Will every review a customer leaves show up?

No. Certain review sites filter reviews that are poor quality or are suspicious in their opinion. Some sites will not show reviews left from accounts that they do not deem to be active, meaning if a person has only left one review from their account, it may not be shown.

How long will it take to increase my star ratings?

It truly depends on how actively you are asking your satisfied customers to leave you a review. Of course, it also depends on the quality of service you are providing.  Are you giving them good reason to leave you a positive review?

Is Review Genie compliant with all the major review sites?

Yes, in fact their review site is embedded right into your Review Genie page, meaning your customer can leave a review on your Yelp page without leaving your Review Genie site. In addition, se only encourage the sharing of real reviews from real customers.

How much does it cost?

Less than you think!  We have a small initial setup fee. After that, there is a minimal subscription fee which can be paid monthly or annually.

Is this a long-term commitment?

No! We offer a month-to-month program. That’s because we’re confident in our product and know you will see immediate results. We do offer a discounted savings if you do pay annually.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express).

When I sign up, what happens next?

Upon signing up, your dedicated Project Manager will contact you within 4 business hours. (S)he will walk you through the setup period and answer any question you have.

May I speak to a Review Genie specialist for further consultation?

Of course! We’re available every business day to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to call us at (484) 893-4055 or use the “Contact Us” form located at the upper left corner of your screen. You can also use the CHAT functionality in the lower right corner of your screen.