Your Review Genie business page is an additional web property that you control and lists all the pertinent information about your business, and shows your positive reviews.

Expand Your Web Presence

You can never have too many web properties. Your new micro site helps spread the word about your business and not only shares your online ratings and reviews, but also includes the powerful feedback recent customers have left for you that may not have shown up on external rating and review sites.

Feedback And Review Selection

Share only the feedback and reviews that you want displayed on your microsite. This is easily configured from your reputation management dashboard providing you with full control on what is displayed to prospective customers.

Important Business Information

Your Review Genie micro site displays all of your pertinent business information in a single location. If needed, you can use this as a primary website as it includes:

  • Company or individual branding
  • Recent feedback and online reviews
  • Business hours
  • Basic company information
  • Social media accounts
  • Link to external review page

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