Actively Monitor Top Review Sites

Connect your Review Genie dashboard to major rating and review platforms like Google+, Facebook, CitySearch, and Foursquare plus many others to pull in reviews that have been posted about your business.

New review snapshots are displayed inside your dashboard along with an instant email and text message alert that is sent directly to notify you that a new rating or review has been found by the software.

Actively Monitor Top Review Sites
SMS Review Alerts

Real Time SMS Review Alerts

Keep on top of your most recent customer feedback and reviews as they happen. The Review Genie platform will instantly alert you via SMS text message, ensuring you always have a finger on the pulse of your business. This also allows you to promptly address a potential customer concern the moment it happens, allowing you to quickly address the issue before it becomes a negative review online.

Real Time Email Review Alerts

Instantly see the rating and full report of your most recent feedback on a web browser or on-the-go via your email enabled mobile device.

You decide who receives these alerts and the information they receive to include the customer name, rating, contact info, and feedback. This can also serve as a positive motivator for all employees when a new 5 star review is posted.

Manage notifications

Negative Feedback & Review Workflow Managements

All negative feedback and reviews are instantly flagged to make certain you resolve the problem with your customer immediately.

This workflow ensures staff takes the appropriate corrective action to resolve your customers concern. Review your customers historical data so you can respond effectively.

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